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Mon Cherie de la maison de Hollande

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Mon Cherie de la maison de Hollande is born on the 18th of November 1996. She is a daughter of De Beemdse Angel and Joe Joe de l'etang de Mirloup. Mon Cherie is a dog with a lot of AlcarinquŽ blood and de l'etang de Mirloup blood. She is a dog with a typical head.

Mon Cherie became mother of 12 puppies. They where born on the 29th of July 1999.

ddnmc-pup.jpg (90098 bytes) Mon Cherie was here 3 1/2 months old.

Mon Cherie gets good results on shows. When she was 10 months old she got BOB on an international show in Holland.  At the age of 11 months we showed here in The Hague (Holland) by Mr. Bas Bosch, she get the title excellent RCAC. At the age of 17 months we showed her on the European Dog show 1998 in Italy and she get de classification excellent.

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On the French clubmatch 1998 in Saint-Tropez she was 3rd in the open class female. The judge was Mr. Novaresio from Italy. Last December on a international show in Wychen (Holland) she became best female.

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We are very proud that we have Mon Cherie with us.

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Pedigree of Mon Cherie de la maison de Hollande

    Eros de l'etang de Mirloup
  Hertz du domaine de l'offlarde  
    Diane de la Huguerie
Joe Joe de l'etang de Mirloup    
    Eros II de l'etang de Mirloup
  Houallie de l'etang de Mirloup  
    Dior des monts Roux
  Oscar van AlcarinquŽ  
    J'aimee van AlcarinquŽ
De Beemdse Angel    
    Murdock van AlcarinquŽ
    Kimba van Douvergenhout